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Welcome to my apartment! Thanks for visiting and make yourself at home. My name is Linsey Sijmons, a 20 year young Art Director and living near Amsterdam.

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What I've told you before that my name is Linsey Sijmons. I was born at 21th of february in the 90's in the city Zaandam where I'm also living at the moment. But you can always find me in the big city Amsterdam where I nearly grew up. When I was a little kid, I was always drawwing and very creative so when the teenage years came, it was time for high school. Because of my creative minds, IVKO was the perfect school for me. When that degree was in the pocket was the next stap Media College Amsterdam for graphic design, aneducation of four years. I wanted to study more so I went to the Junior Academie for Art Direction. And now it's time for a new big step!


The name LINDEX originated from my name and the graphic word index. To make that word personal I placed the L in front of the word so that also my name becomes a part of it.